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24/7 Slimming

If you want to lose those last extra kilos, this bundle is for you!

It includes Slimmiccino, the tastiest fat-burning coffee drink and NightBurn EXTREME, which will improve night-time fat burning, improve sleep and fight late-night hunger pangs.

  • Boost fat burning with your morning coffee
  • Improve fat loss during sleep
  • Suppress appetite and control cravings
  • Just 2 tasty drinks per day – no pills

Contents: 1x 24/7 Slimming 20 bags/10 days

Sufficient for 10 days

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Slimming effects - day and night!

Lose those last extra kilos!

This slimming bundle is for you if:

  • you find it difficult to resist cravings

  • you have a need to snack all the time

  • your slimming efforts aren’t as effective as you’d expected

  • you toss and turn all night and wake up grumpy

  • you tend to eat to much in the evening

Day and night slimming!

Drink tasty cup of coffee in the morning and lemon-flavoured drink in the evening and wait for amazing fat burning results!

This package has an amazing benefits

Boost fat burning

It will naturally boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat 

Suppress appetite

You won't be hungry any more and as a result you'll lose some weight.

Support the liver

Supporting your biggest fat-burning organ, to get the best possible weight-loss results.

Help you sleep better

Help suppress late-night cravings, aid evening digestion, and also contains no stimulants to disturb your sleep!

Perfect combination for fat burning!

An absolute win!

Speed up weight loss and reach your goal faster!

STEP 1: Wake up and enjoy the smell of coffee!

Start your day with a cup of delicious Slimmiccino – slimming coffee with just 8 kcal and amazing slimming powers! Mix 1 sachet with a cup of hot water and Slimmiccino will: help suppress appetite, stimulate you metabolism, improve and regulate your digestion and improve your concentration.

STEP 2: After long day enjoy in a delicious lime-flavoured drink!

End your day by mixing 1 sachet with a glass of water before bed and NightBurn EXTREME will: help you curb evening hunger attacks, prevent fat accumulation, support your liver to get the best possible weight loss results and help you sleep better.

The best morning and evening routine for a slim body

Supresses appetite

Boosts fat burning

Weight loss

Visible slimming effects

Boosts energy levels

Boosts metabolism


Delicious fat-burning coffee for suppressing appetite!

Kickstart your weight loss process! Slimmiccino will:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Boost metabolism
  • Improve your digestion
  • Increase energy levels

Slimmiccino ingredients:


Fat burner that brings faster weight-loss results during your night-time rest!

NightBurn will:

  • help suppress late-night cravings
  • aid evening digestion
  • help block fat storage
  • support your biggest fat burning organ – the liver
  • help you sleep better

It contains no stimulants to disturb your sleep!

NightBurn EXTREME ingredients:

How to use:


1 sachet

Before sleep


1 sachet

During the morning

Boost fat burning in the morning - improve fat loss during sleep