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Belly Reducing Bundle

Receive a 15-day supply

The powerful natural diuretic and the world’s best natural ingredient for liver detox will help kickstart your weight loss and bring instant relief from water weight.

The combined powers of these two products will:

  • flush almost a third* of the excess water out of your body,

  • decrease bloating by 60%*,

  • detox your body and provide protection against harmful toxins,

  • improve your digestion,

  • speed up your weight loss by 2.5 times*,

  • help support liver cleansing and regeneration.

Contents: 1x Belly Reducing Bundle 40 units/15 days

Sufficient for 15 days

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Belly Reducing Bundle

The ultimate combination of products for a quick detox and less water retention

Are you having trouble losing weight, no matter what you do?

Signs that your liver may be overburdened:

You are not alone, many people have trouble losing weight, even though they’re doing everything right. The problem may not be in your diet or daily activity levels. The problem may lie deeper, in your main fat-burning organ – your liver.

  • you’ve gained weight, especially in the stomach area

  • You can’t lose weight, no matter what you do

  • You feel fatigued often

  • Your legs feel heavy and your ankles are swollen

  • You feel bloated and your digestion isn’t in order

  • You’re having problems with your skin and hair

It’s time to stop fighting your body and start helping it!

Detox your liver and help it regain its natural fat-burning power

Feel better and look slimmer in no time

 Flush out toxins and reset your lymphatic system!

Remove harmful toxins from your liver

Flush toxins and excess water out of your body to jump-start your weight loss.

Weight-loss effect

By stimulating the lymphatic system and relieving the liver of harmful toxins you'll be able to lose more weight, faster.

Reduce water retention and swelling

No more bloating, puffiness, swelling, and retention of harmful toxins.

The perfect pair for body detox and decreasing water retention!

The combined powers of these two products will:

Improve your digestion

Detox your body and provide protection against harmful toxins

Decrease bloating by 60%

Help support liver cleansing and regeneration

Speed up your weight loss by 2.5 times*

Flush almost a third* of the excess water out of your body

Quick Detox

An amazing aid in removing toxins from the liver with 10-times stronger patented milk thistle extract

Two of the liver’s main jobs are: protecting the body against harmful toxins and metabolising fat. When our liver is overflown with toxins, as it happens with 25% of the population, we start gaining weight, especially on the belly.

Quick Detox capsules are a natural support system for your over-burdened liver. The capsules contain the best natural liver-supporting herbal blend with milk thistle in phytosomal form, artichoke, vitamin E, dandelion, selenium, zinc and black pepper as the active ingredients.

Supercharge your liver by taking just 2 capsules a day and start seeing amazing results!


A powerful natural diuretic that helps you lose water weight and reduce bloating

Our bodies are made mostly out of water, but having more water than the body needs leads to bloatingpuffinessswelling, and retention of harmful toxins.

Stress, hormones, diet, and genetics can all cause water retention. And then you can’t seem to lose any weight, even with a strict diet and vigorous exercise.

That bloated feeling is telling you that your body is in desperate need of relief!

Natural diuretics have been known to have a positive impact on weight loss, by stimulating the lymphatic system and relieving the liver of harmful toxins.

Ingredients like CactiNeaTMparsleyartichokes, milk thistle, and Java tea extracts naturally cleanse your body and help your body's natural water pump (the lymphatic system) restart.

Clinical study confirms that AquaSlim EXTREME improves excess water elimination by 27%* 

People drinking AquaSlim EXTREME lost up to 27% more excess water compared to the control group. This difference is due to the patented ingredient CactiNeaTM, contained in AquaSlim EXTREME.

Quick Detox

Full body detox and amazing weight-loss results!

The strongest milk thistle extract on the market joined powers with 3 other best researched ingredients – artichoke, vitamin E and black pepper!

  • 3-fold action: weight loss + full body detox + improved digestion

  • helps with getting a slimmer waist, more energy and improving general wellbeing

  • extra protection of your cells against toxins

  • 10-times stronger patented milk thistle extract

Over 600,000 of satisfied users all over Europe!

Quick Detox ingredients:

AquaSlim Extreme

The strongest natural diuretic on the market!

Offers visible slimming results within days! With 8 powerful plant ingredients, it will:

  • Flush almost a third* of excess water out of your body

  • No more bloating, swelling or puffiness – look leaner in no time

  • Make weight loss 2.5 faster* and optimise fat burning

  • Shape your body and diminish the appearance of cellulite

80% of customers were satisfied with their results!

AquaSlim Extreme ingredients:

How to use:

Quick Detox – liver-cleanse capsules with milk thistle

30 capsules | Receive a 15-day supply

2 capsules

1 in the morning

1 in the evening

After a meal


10 sachets | Receive a 10-day supply

1 sachet

During the morning