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Curb Hunger [20-day bundle]

Perfect for anyone struggling with snacking and curbing appetite. HungerBlock EXTREME helps you reduce your calorie intake and makes it easier to resist temptations. AquaSlim EXTREME will help you quickly flush out excess water.

  • With no effort, reduce your calorie intake by up to 600 kcal

  • Reduce puffiness and bloating by 27%* and refine your silhouette

  • Lose up to 9% body fat* (if used longer)

  • Feel full faster and prolong satiety after your meals

  • Get rid of sugar cravings and late-night munchies

  • Reduce swelling in your ankles

  • Diminish the appearance of cellulite

80% of customers were satisfied with their results!

Contents: 1x Curb Hunger [20-day bundle] 0 capsule/20 days

Sufficient for 20 days

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Curb Hunger [20-day bundle]

Perfect for anyone struggling with snacking and curbing appetite

You'll love this bundle if:

  • you have constant sugar cravings

  • you are snacking all the time

  • you have problems with puffines and bloating

  • you are fighting with cellulite 

  • you are unable to lose some weight

Summer is just around the corner, but you got this!

Shut your appetite off, flush out your toxins and lose that weight 

This bundle has some amazing benefits:

Flush out excess water

It stimulates your kidneys and liver, wakes up the lymphatic system and simply flushes toxins out of your body and reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Boost weight loss

Regulates the fat-burning hormone and increases fat burning and weight-loss. Fat burning needs a lot of oxygen, so clearing out the system is a must if you want efficient weight loss.

Help you get rid of cravings 

Literally shuts appetite off. You'll finally be free of those cravings for comfort food like ice cream, cookies and similar. 

Unhealthy foods will no longer be on your mind

Get rid of your craving for sugar and snacking at night with these 2 best-sellers

You'll see awesome results from the first day!

After weeks of staying at home, indulging in home-cooked meals and a fully stocked pantry, this summer feels even more daunting than usual. With the unbeatable best-selling weight loss duo, you will see those pounds drop in the second week already. Curb Hunger does not force you to starve, exercise every day or give up everything you love. All you need to do are two things.

  • In the morning, drink a litre of water, mixed with 1 sachet of WaterOut EXTREME. (Yummy raspberry flavour, no sugar, and only 18 kcal!)

  • Take 1 capsule of Hungerblock EXTREME before breakfast and one before dinner. (You'll feel full faster and portion control will be easier.)

Perfect 2-1 mixture for fast results!

Improves metabolism

Reduces bloating 


Boost fat burning

Reduce cellulite

Speed up weight loss

Reduce swelling in ankles

AquaSlim Extreme

Powerful diuretic for less bloating & swelling!

Due to an exquisite blend of potent natural extracts, this diuretic can work in just days:

  • it stimulates your kidneys and liver

  • flushes toxins and all the excessive water out of your body

  • shape your body and diminish the appearance of cellulite

  • no more bloating, swelling or puffiness

  • make weight loss faster and optimise fat burning

AquaSlim EXTREME ingredients

HungerBlock Extreme

All-natural appetite suppressant that helps you lose fat!

Thanks to revolutionary formula with satiety peptides, you feel full, satiated and you get significant weight-loss results within weeks and:

  • you stay energised despite increasing your calorie deficit

  • you lose up to 9% of body fat without losing muscle

  • reduce appetite, especially sugar & carb cravings

  • reduce your calorie intake by up to 600 kcal/day

HungerBlock EXTREME ingredients

Clinical study confirms: 27% of excess water is eliminated

AquaSlim EXTREME drink was shown to increase excess water elimination by as much as 27%* compared to control group, due to the patented ingredient CactiNeaTM.

Spectacular results after taking HungerBlock EXTREME

Proven to slash sugar and carb cravings

Studies confirm: -600 kcal/day and -9% of body fat after 8 weeks* 4 high-quality studies, including a double-blind, randomised and placebo-controlled clinical trials, have shown that HungerBlock EXTREME can:

  • reduce your calorie intake by an average of 600 kcal/day* after 8 weeks of use (200 kcal/day after the first week already!)

  • help you lose an average of 9% of body fat* after 8 weeks ��� with significant weight-loss results after 4 weeks of supplementing

100% of the weight you lose is actually body fat! Your muscles do not get affected by the process.

How to use:

HungerBlock EXTREME

1 capsule

2x per day

30 min before meal


1 sachet

During the morning

Effective weight loss made only for you!