4 reasons you don't lose weight

Lost all hope of ever fitting into your favourite jeans? Maybe you’re like Ursula. She had been doing many things wrong before she lost well over 1 stone in less than 2 months. The majority of us make at least one of these mistakes on a regular basis.

Obviously, there’s a right and a wrong way to diet. The problem that plagues us all is that we try to find the fastest one. All of the biggest mistakes that make us gain all the lost weight back (and usually more) stem from our impatience.

If you’ve been battling weight problems since secondary school, if you’re getting heavier each year or if you’re convinced that you have some hormonal imbalance, you’re probably making at least one of the following mistakes:

1. You’re eating too much

Yes, it’s an obvious one. There are many fad diets out there that are trying to convince you that there’s that one macro-nutrient you can eat without restraint. This is a very common mistake that can make your daily calorie intake skyrocket.

FACT: Meta studies all show that some diets bring faster results than others, but the most important element of any successful diet is a caloric deficit. Put simply, you should spend more energy than you consume.

2. You’re not eating enough

Even though it sounds counter-intuitive to what we’ve just learned, this mistake is just as common. We all make it when trying to lose weight as fast as possible. The majority of crash diets shoot for extra-low caloric daily targets. If you’ve ever seen a daily meal plan with 1200kcal, this is what we’re talking about.

Bringing your calorie intake to a minimum (to your basic metabolic needs – the amount of energy you need to survive and function) can be the fastest solution to your weight problem. But only if you don’t exercise.

Hitting the gym every day or running every morning whilst eating a bare minimum of food will always end up in disaster.

Why? Because that kind of weight-loss regimen is nothing but starvation. And our body reacts to it in the worst possible way.

You’ve most likely heard that eating less than your body needs slows down your metabolism. But not everyone knows why this is such a huge problem.

Slow metabolism is a survival mechanism (remember, your body thinks you’re starving). It slows down non-essential functions and requires less energy. The less energy our body needs, the less you’re able to eat without gaining all that lost weight back.

If pushed into starvation mode you may notice:

  • Weakness
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Hitting a weight-loss plateau
  • Not getting into shape despite regular exercise
  • Uncontrollable food cravings
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • Puffiness and bloating
  • And eventually when you give up… rapid weight gain

3. You’re not eating enough protein

This mistake is linked to the problem above. Why? Well, in point 1, we learnt that basic metabolism determines our minimal caloric intake. But one important fact is that our basic metabolism is – to an extent – determined by our lean muscle mass.

The more muscle we have, the more energy we need – even if we rest all day. To some extent, that’s why men and taller people can eat more. They have more muscle mass and therefore higher caloric needs.

So, when does protein come into play? Well, proteins – specifically amino acids – are the building blocks of our lean muscles.

If we don’t eat enough protein (which is often connected to crash diets/starvation weight-loss regimens) our body will literally break down its own muscles to feed itself.

The result? Less muscles mass. And, consequently, slower metabolism. Before long, you’ll hit your weight-loss plateau or gain all that weight back. Does yo-yo dieting ring any bells now?

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